Harper’s Weekly – October 7, 1876

Tweed spent three weeks in Spanish custody, after which he was returned to the United States aboard the Navy frigate U.S.S. Franklin, which departed Spain on September 27 and arrived in New York on November 23. While he was in transit, Nast celebrated with a pictorial pun featuring Secretary Fish as his ocean transport. The compressed Tweed actually lost more than 100 pounds on his two trans-Atlantic voyages, mostly from sea-sickness.

In the same issue, Nast and Harper’s gloated by re-printing the Tweed-Le-Dee and Tilden-Dum cartoon from three months earlier with a new caption: The Capture of Tweed — The Picture That Made the Spanish Officials Take Him for a Child-Stealer.

The game was over for Tweed and he spent the remaining seventeen months of his life in the Ludlow Street jail where he died.