“This book is both magnificently illustrated and beautifully written. I of course had known of Thomas Nast’s powerful illustrations and their impact on 19th Century political figures from Ulysses Grant to the Tweed Ring. But I had no idea of the breadth of his reach, the intricacy of his art, and the genius of his entrepreneurship. This is a book whose every page I will turn and then go back to again and again.”

— Paul Steiger, Executive Chairman of ProPublica, Former Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal

“After more than 100 years of having to rely on Albert Bigelow Paine’s entertaining but hagiographic and error-filled Thomas Nast: His Period and His Pictures (1904), we finally have a biography of America’s greatest political cartoonist worthy of replacing it. John Adler’s America’s Most Influential Journalist: The Life, Times and Legacy of Thomas Nast. Adler has created a meticulous, comprehensive, fair, and accurate biography of the father of American cartooning. With more than two decades devoted to studying Nast’s entire massive output behind him, Adler is the perfect guide for 21st century readers interested in understanding Nast’s cartoons, learning about the politics that prompted them, and discerning the impact they had. At the end of journeying through this massive tome, we are left with an appreciation of Nast and his extraordinary achievement like never before”

— Richard Samuel West, Cartoon historian and biographer of 19th century cartoonists and publications

“John Adler’s America’s Most Influential Journalist: The Life, Times and Legacy of Thomas Nast brings together for the first time over 1000 of the famous political and social cartoons created by Thomas Nast. Nast is best remembered for his unrelenting visual campaign against William “Boss” Tweed. But Nast’s cartooning covered a far wider territory than Tweed alone. The Civil War, slavery, Reconstruction, Presidential campaigns, the currency — all were fat targets for Nast’s barbed drawing-pen.

Although Nast did not invent the political cartoon, he transformed it into the sharply-hewn iconographic weapon that it is today. Adler introduces us to the artist who wanted to be known as a history painter and book illustrator as well as a cartoonist, and this generously-proportioned collection of Nast’s images creates what could almost be a Nast encyclopedia. But it is, at the same time, an encyclopedia of hilarity — from Adler’s work, we learn the political history of Nast’s times, but we also cannot suppress more than a few laughs at a satiric wit that crosses the decades. It is a book to peruse for the sheer fun of Thomas Nast — and for the history of his times.”

— Allen C. Guelzo, Director, Initiative on Politics and Statesmanship, James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University, and prize-winning author of several books about the Civil War and nineteenth century American history

“John Adler acquired a large collection of Harper’s Weekly magazines from the 19th and early 20th centuries, and with it, a long term fascination with the illustrator, cartoonist and political commentator who captivated the nation with his superbly drawn caricatures and powerful images depicting corruption — Thomas Nast. Now, after nearly 30 years in the making and weeks before reaching his 95th birthday, Adler has produced the largest and most comprehensive overview of Thomas Nast — America’s Most Influential Journalist: The Life, Times and Legacy of Thomas Nast — a monumental work of more than 700 pages, complete with hundreds of Nast’s drawings. ‘My aim is to get Thomas Nast known to the public. He was the most influential journalist in American history,’ said Adler, a long-time Greenwich resident. ‘His cartoons display history the way it was. And they are as apt today as they were back then.'”

— Robert Marchant, Staff reporter for Hearst Media (Greenwich Time, August 14, 2022)