Character Identification and Context

Every cartoon and illustration has its principal characters identified and its content and context explained.

The Tammany Tiger

This cartoon — illustrating the cover of this biography — depicted Boss Tweed and 11 of his identifiable henchmen.

Amphitheatrum Johnsonianum

This Reconstruction double-page portrayed President Andrew Johnson, along with 23 of his supporters and opponents.


In the short-lived Illustrated Chicago News, Nast presented 18 potential candidates for the 1868 Presidential election.

Unconditional Surrender Grant

After Ulysses Grant’s 1868 victory over Horatio Seymour, Nast depicted himself along with 24 Civil War and Reconstruction characters.

Apollo Amusing the Gods

In a fanciful finale to President Grant’s 1872 reelection victory over Horace Greeley, Nast drew Greeley and 27 associates.