This manually-created index is predicated on Nast’s 1,000 depicted cartoons, illustrations, sketches and paintings.

• Nast’s work is bolded.

• Related content, context, and explanatory references — plus about 100 relevant cartoons by other artists appear in ordinary type.

There are three sections:

Nast’s Life and Work

Personal Aspects I-1
Art I-3
Artistic/Literary Sources: e.g., Shakespeare (by play) I-3
Business Aspects I-6
Impersonal Political/Social I-7
Personal Political I-8
International I-8
Cartoons by other Artists (by publication) e.g., Joseph Keppler (Puck) I-9
Newspapers/Publishers (most were Nast targets) I-10

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Ten major categories and dozens of sub-classifications comprise this section. Where applicable, Nast’s characters are also referenced under their relevant categories, as well as in the People/ Characters section.

Civil War I-12
Reconstruction I-14
Presidents I-15
Presidential Election Losers I-18
Tweed Ring/Tammany Hall I-20
Ethnic/Religious/Radical Political Topics I-21
Recurring Political Topics
Civil Service/Spoils System I-22
Immigration/Naturalization I-22
Liquor/Temperance I-22
Recurring Financial/Business Issues
Inflation I-23
Money/Currency I-23
Trusts/Monopolies I-23
Business Issues I-23
Foreign Affairs and Countries I-24


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236 People/Characters

Nast drew more than 450 different characters. All but five were identified in the research for this biography; many were portrayed only once or twice, and they generally appeared in individual, non-serialized cartoons which were not selected for this biography. About half his characters are included here; all but two political figures (Anna Elizabeth Dickinson and Victoria Woodhull) were men. (Nast drew fewer than ten women, primarily actresses or opera singers.)


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